List of Services We Offer

Software Sales

We develop customized software for your business needs. Sampe software we provide include; Enterprise Resource Plannin, ERP. Point of Sales, POS Managent Software Attendance System e.t.c

Computer Maintence

Computer Repair and Maaintence Software Installation, Activation, and System Upgrade e.g Microft Windows and Office,Linux, Mac OS, etc Troubleshooting Computer set-up and Configuration


We Design, Install,Configure, Repair and Maintain Network. If you intend to set up a new network or you have something with your existing network,give us a call.

IT Consultancy

Looking for expert advice?We are here. We provide goal oriented advice your class of IT. Our Consultancy has a good track record since our inception

CCTV System

The Cameras for our super intelligent CCTV system are to Meet your target point of view. We have Cameras for Day/night vision - able to monitor in the darkness without notice. Hidden Cameras - For public CCTV restricted areas, like Bars and Restaurants, Guest rooms Secret Camera for Intelligence Monitoring Other sampe cameras include; Dome cameras, PTZ, Liht bulb 360 Panoramic Cameras, C-mountp, Bullet Cameras,etc

Projects and Research

Athousand academic research projects are available for academicians. Our projects are done a group of excellent and talented techies,teachers and professors

System Audit

We stsand out in assurance: quality,resource, reliabilty, cost and many. Our perfect team of professionals assures you that you ICT Department is compliant.

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