Congratulations for Considering to Elevate Your Skills In The Digital World. Pritine Digital Solution Officially Welcomes to Pritine Digital Academy

I'm pleased to see you here,this is the very significant initial and crucial step you've taken in elavating your skills in the Digital world. It's my pleasure to welcome you aboard to be trained with qualified preceptors in your field of digital interest. Remember to take your course work seriously because if you don't, you'll definately have little knowledge which is more dangerous than no knowledge at all. I look forward to seeing you in class.Pleasure!
-_-_-_-_-_-_>>>MR.Emopusi Emopusi
CEO_PDS/ICT Officer/Cer.Project Manager/Sys Auditor/ BSC. Software Engineering.


Before Enrolling to any course below, kindly reach out to us via Phone Call/SMS/Whatsapp at 0717272414. You can also send as an official email specifying the course of your choice in the subject area. Note:Our official email is

Computer Packages

Our experts will take you through; Microsoft;World, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access. In addition to this, we supplement you with knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Introduction to Computer and Email. We give our students one more option to choose skills they wish to be tought.
Duration: 2wks***Mode of Study:Online

Basics Cyber Security

Gain knowledge in fundamentals of Cyber Security. This is an opener course ICT professionals, individual willing to get into Cyber Sec, Information Sec, University/ College students and anyone else interested in Digital Security.
Mode: Online Classes**Duration: 4wks

Web Development

We will take you through a number of programming languages during your journeyb web development. You'll gain Knowledge and skills in the development of Blogs, e-commerce websites, Portals and many more designs.
Duration: 1-3 Months***Mode of study: Online

Online Work Professional Course

The world is now online, which means opening opportunities for people to work online at the comfort of their beds. We have have taken an initiative to ask our online experts here at PritineDigital to train you on the following courses: Academic writing, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Social Media Marketing
Duration: 1 -5WKS***Mode: Online

Digital Content Creation

Increase in demand for content online needs content creators to be well vast with the technical know-how. We have created this course equip aspiring digital content creators with all the skills required to remain relevant in the digital Market
Duration: 3-5 wks***Mode: Online

Operating Systems

Morden Computing come with a number of Operating Systems. This course therefore covers all of them;Windows OS, Linux, IOS, Mac OS,Apple and Android
Duration: 1-4 wks****Mode of study: Online

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